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Greetings to Spink County Community from the Redfield Community Hospital!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

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I am Dr Kris Wren, Chief of Staff, as many know, Covid 19 coronavirus is more prevalent now in South Dakota, and in our county. The course of this pandemic has been tortuous and uncertain, and how it has been managed has changed from week to week, and even day to day.

Community members have had different approaches to this pandemic.  I encourage all of us to be wise in how to approach this, and out of care for others, be mindful that others may have different ideas what is needed.

In the same way, supplies vary, and I am specifically discussing testing supplies.  There is actually a lot that goes in to testing, such as the swabs, the media you put them in, and the people who collect the sample and then how it is ran.  There are times when we have had plenty, and times when we have not had plenty. We follow the CDC and also because we are managed by Avera, we get input from them as well.  The general rule is, if supplies are short we save the supplies for people who are considered high risk, and symptomatic. High risk people are defined as people over 65, people who have chronic medical problems, and health care workers. As an example, when employers demand testing of their employees, we may be in a situation that we don’t have supplies to provide that. But we want to be able to have testing for people whose lives are at risk, like grandparents, or people with asthma and are sick.

Our community has been amazing for being supportive of medical services and people, and of the people who are at risk in our community.  This has been a long road, and I think it is about to get rocky, and at times even treacherous. Please, once again, even though we are exhausted from this and want it to go away, be patient, and keep being supportive.

Redfield Community Memorial Hospital is here to care for our community, and continues to be very safe, and capable and above expectations.





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