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Redfield Alerts:

New to Town?


New to Town?

How do I get water/sewer/landfill service?

City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

How do I get gas/electric service?

  • Northwestern Energy:  800-245-6977
  • Northern Electric:  605-472-0380

Who provides phone service?

Where do I get cell phone service?

  • Cellular Connection:  605-302-0150
  • Northern Valley Communications:  605-725-1000 or

Who provides Internet access?

How do I register my child for public school?

  • Redfield Public Schools:  605-472-4520

How do I register to vote?

  • Spink County Auditor:  605-472-4580

How do I get a driver's license?

  • Department of Public Safety:  800-952-3696

How do I obtain birth or death certificates or a marriage license?

  • Spink County Register of Deeds:  605-472-4588

Who provides web site hosting?

  • Northern Valley Communications:  605-725-1000

Local Radio Station?

  • KQKD Radio - 1380 AM -  FM 99.9    605-475-3001

Who provides cable television?

Questions on water and sewage billing?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

Water/Garbage problems?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

Where do I take scrap or recyclables?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

How do I get mail service?

  • Federal Express:  800-463-3339
  • United Parcel Service:  605-472-2550
  • US Post Office:  605-472-0311

How do I find out when my street is swept/plowed?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

How do I get city street maps and state maps?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550
  • Redfield Chamber:  605-472-0965

How do I get additional phone books?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

How do I get my vehicle license plates?

  • Spink County Treasurer:  605-472-4583

How do I obtain a dog or cat license?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

If I have a lost dog or cat?

  • City of Redfield:  605-472-4550

How do I obtain church information?

  • Ministerial Association:  605-472-2640

How do I contact emergency services?

Emergency Services 911

  • Ambulance:  (non-Emergency) 605-472-1111
  • Family Crisis Center:  605-472-0508
  • Fire Department:  605-472-4556
  • Spink County Sheriff:  605-472-4595
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